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Tall, Dark and Handsome

Grandpa Cody was tall and handsome, with a full head of dark curly hair, and taught me how to do the craziest things – like playing dice, boy he could throw a good roll. And shuffle board, there was a tournament-length table in the side room of his gas station and mini-mart. Grandma would pick me up after school and I’d get to spend the afternoon with Grandpa at his corner store, located along Putah Creek just outside of Winters. At night he’d bring the money home in a big wad with a rubber band around it and we’d sit on the living room floor and count his money. I learned to add and multiply quickly. Grandpa never went to high school, but he was a hard worker and successful, owned his own grocery stores, and taught me a thing or two. He passed away 35 years ago, but sometimes it seems like yesterday, and I cherish those times with my Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa Cody on their wedding day, 1928

Mom and Grandpa, 1932

Grandpa Cody (center) with his brothers, 1933

Grandpa and Grandma with my mom and her sister, 1943

Mom and her father on Mom’s wedding day, 1950

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