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How Precious Life Is

I love New York, the new skyscraper at One World Trade Center, and the 9/11 Memorial. As beautiful as the memorial is, nothing decreases the magnitude of emotions still swirling from that day. I just returned from New York, which is full of memories from when I lived just 4 blocks from the World Trade Center in 2001. This photo of my mother and me when she visited in 2000, captures the lost New York skyline. It was Mom’s first trip to New York, and she loved it too. Unfortunately, I lost my mom in 2000 not long after her visit, and just months before the tragedy on 9/11. Both of those days are a constant reminder of how precious life is.

Photo of me and my mom with the World Trade Center in the background before 9/11.

Beautiful memorial but nothing can lighten the load of what happened on that day.

One World Trade Center. Beautiful and bittersweet.

9/11 memorial fountain with the new train station in the background that resembles a white butterfly.

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