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My name is Lorraine Rominger and I’m thrilled to say that after working on my first book for years, my memoir has been published by Untreed Reads, a San Francisco publisher.

Available everywhere paperbacks and e-books are sold!


The Rangity Tango Kids is a memoir about growing up on a farm in northern California in a large, German, Catholic farm family that has lived in Yolo County for five generations.


I was the oldest of 17 grandchildren, and one of the farm workers said all of us kids ran around the farm like a bunch of orangutans. He nicknamed us the Rangity Tango Kids.


Raised five miles north of the small agricultural community of Winters, the population was 1,500 when I was born. Winters has now grown to 6,000 people and although there is a stoplight, more housing developments and specialty stores, it remains a simple place in a complex world. I'm thankful for that.


As much as I love living in San Francisco, I look forward to the weekends when I go home to the farm, hang out with my Dad, and drive around in his old pickup with his dog in the back. 

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